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Raise Your Vibration – Three Words That Can Change Your Entire Life

We live in two worlds operating simultaneously – the invisible world where our thoughts and beliefs are creators and the material world where the manifestations of our thoughts and beliefs become our reality.

When the mind finds its true power, you become limitless and have the capability to bring you every experience you’ve ever dreamed of.

This is what Alex understands & teaches but she didn’t always think like this. Like so many of us, Alex struggled to make sense of her life for a long time.

Then, after hitting an all-time low in her life after an unconscious relentless pursuit for happiness outside of herself, the universe threw her a soul-awakening curveball which acted as the catalyst to her personal transformation.

Thrown into the deep end, this prompted Alex to take a real cold, hard look at her life and the people who were influencing her thinking, behaviour and reality.

21 days later, she realised she was unstoppable. Everything she’d ever wanted in life, (health, wealth, love, business success) was in her power to create, and boy was she creating it.

And so her life changed. But not without hilarity and a fair few awesome stories along the way, all of which are shared in this beautiful step by step guide to building a new, empowering life.

In this raw, honest account of her life and self-transformation, Alex takes you through her best techniques which will change your current reality in just 21 days. It’s a brazen, no bullshit approach, and this book will be your ultimate guide to taking your life from where it is now, to where you want it to be, whether that be financially, emotionally, spiritually or mentally.

It’s the one-stop shop to everything manifesting, law of attraction, vibrational alignment, and energy healing whilst being rooted in straight talking reality.

About Alex Tripod

International Speaker and #1 Best Selling Author, Alex Tripod has been obsessed with anything and everything manifesting, Law of Attraction and vibration her entire life!

Alex is a big believer that when you finally allow yourself to immerse yourself in the very thing you’ve been secretly obsessed with your whole life, then life explodes. And Alex’s obsession is to raise the vibration of humanity, free people of the programming society has lead us to believe in, and give people real and practical tools to become the powerful creators of their reality.

Alex has worked with thousands of people to help them master manifestation – resulting in more money, epic love, financial freedom, business growth, better health, stronger mindsets, more clients, you name it!

Running workshops around the globe and the infamous 21 Day Challenge, Alex has one mission: to raise the vibration of humanity on a global scale.